Giving Back

5 Ways to Run a Successful Charity Event

One: Pick Your Charity 

More often than not you’ve probably already got a wonderful charity in mind. However, there is the occasional case where you have developed an urge to help make a difference and will really need to start from square one. If you’re still looking for a charity to support, check out our list of inspiring CHARITY ORGANIZATIONS ACROSS THE GTA.
It is so important that you select the right charity and you’ve done all your research ahead of time. It is also just as important to ensure that the purpose of the event helps to support this charity in the ways required. For example, if it is a homeless shelter that you would like to support and they have requested funding, it is important that your focus remain on fundraising rather than gathering clothing donations or food boxes. Though it should be the good intent that counts, the worst scenario would be for you to work so hard on an entire event to produce something unnecessary for the charity organization.

So first thing first, what do they need?

13844924703_5ff2ba7eb0_hPhoto by Peter Mooney

Two: Choose Your Event

There are tons of ways to host an event both big and small. What is the audience you’re gearing to? What are the people like? How old are they? These are all serious questions you will need to ask yourself before getting started.

We’ve put together a list of awesome event ideas here on our blog, be sure to check them out.

Common events include:

  • Runathons/Danceathons/Bikathons
  • Bake Sales
  • Fun Fairs
  • Flea Market/Garage Sales
  • Cocktail Functions

5615543268_c7d57387ae_bPhoto by Gabriel Li 

Three: Make a Plan  

Be sure to create your plan far in advance to make room for mistakes to happen. Mistakes will happen; it’s all a part of planning. Sit down with a group of friends or colleagues to generate an entire event plan.

Things to consider:

  • How many people would you like to attend?
  • How are you going to promote the event?
  • Do you want speakers to be there?
  • What authoritative figures would you invite?
  • Will there be games and prizes?
  • Are you going to sell items at the event?
  • What sponsors can you reach out to?


Four: Hire the Volunteers

Now is the time to delegate all the tasks to others. During the planning stages you should be able to come to a consensus of what type of volunteers you would like. If you require specific skills for the event (perhaps bartending, music operations, catering, etc.) all of this should be dealt with ahead of time. Once you have hired the volunteers, it is now time to delegate the tasks out. Create different categories and ensure you provide them enough training.

  • Give them emergency contacts
  • Have each group include a leader or manager for efficiency
  • Schedule appropriate breaks for snacks and lunch
  • Provide them volunteer achievement letters if required
  • Give them a package of the event information
  • Train them enough so that they can help answer any question during the event that may take you away from the focus

8801047021_cd7eb9f339_kPhoto by Link Humans

Five: Create an End Goal

Your event is over, your volunteers are gone and now is the time to reflect. Learn from your mistakes and write down all the things that could be done better next time. You should also make note of the successes and share them with the community.

It is now time to gather your funds, donations, etc. and bring them to the charity of your choice!


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