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10 Ways To Help Out in the GTA Community

We are hoping to add a little sunshine into your lives with this blog post. There are so many wonderful ways to help out in the GTA community that we thought we would give you a little bit of inspiration. 

1. Run a Bake Sale

It’s not cliche, it’s awesome. Get together with a bunch of your cooking friends and organize a bake sale. Use the funds to help support your favourite charity. If you’re looking for some inspiration for choosing the right charity, visit the CRA Charity Listings page.

Photo Taken by Taryn
Photo Taken by Taryn


2. Organize a Donation Bin

Are you in school? Part of a local sports team? Knitting club? Whatever it is you can contact us at and get set up with a wonderful donation bin. This will allow all members of the club to donate used clothing and household goods to the charity of your choice. Think of us as the middle man between you and making a difference.

3. Hold a Runathon/Danceathon/Sportathon/Etc.

This is your time to get creative. Get a group of your friends together to raise money and compete. This is a perfect way to get the community involved and meeting new friends in the area. Feel free to use the link above to find the perfect charity to donate to.

Photo Taken by Chris JL
Photo Taken by Chris JL


4. Join a Volunteer Group

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities across the GTA, try checking them out on Twitter @VolunteerTO or online by clinking the link above. Choose the opportunities that suit you best and send over your application!


5. Collect Litter

So easy, yet so efficient! If there were more people in this world who would dedicate their time to picking up just 5 pieces of litter a day, this world would be a much better place. Collecting litter is such an easy task to do. On your walk home from the grocery store or from work, on your evening bike ride, simply stop, pick up a few pieces of trash and help make a difference every day.

Photo Taken by Dennis
Photo Taken by Dennis


6. Feed the Homeless

Whether it’s your leftovers from the burger joint around the corner or going out to the grocery shop to prepare a little lunch kit for the homeless, this is such a kind thing to do in order to help let people know that you care. We often have leftovers or extras lying around the house so give it a try and help feed the homeless. There are also many organizations you can join to do this in an organized and weekly fashion.

7. Organize a Car Wash

A perfect way to help out a charity during the warm summer months. Get your friends together and host a car wash! Perhaps even your local gas station may offer up some space to get this in motion. 5 bucks a car or whatever you choose, this is a fun way to get involved in the community and making a difference.

Photo Taken by Brad
Photo Taken by Brad


8. Have a Garage Sale

Open up your garage, unload all that unused junk from your house and don’t forget that one persons junk is another persons treasure. Perhaps you’re not interested in donating the money you make, but even selling your old stuff off at a reasonable price is helping the community. Try to remember that perhaps some people can’t afford the luxury of purchasing a new bike, having people like you offering their old bike for a fraction of the cost can seriously help out many families across the GTA.


9. Donate Your Old Clothing

Whether you choose to donate you clothing to us here at Mohigo or to a used clothing donation bin in the neighbourhood, this is a great way to give others the opportunity to have clothing to wear to school, work, etc. There are many people living off welfare whom require common household goods and used clothing.

Photo Taken by James
Photo Taken by James


10. Create a Community Group

Get creative! This is your chance to shine in the community and bring together like-minded people. Whether it’s a group looking to help make a difference or a group which allows people to come together and chat, this is a great way to help support the community.


Can you think of anymore great ways to help out your community? Give us suggestions in the comment section below!


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