10 Super Cool Upcycle Projects for the Summer

It’s the new trend now, haven’t you heard?! It’s COOL to be GREEN! So get with the movement and start planning your fun and creative upcycle projects for the summer.

With all that Spring cleaning that’s been done, we’re sure you’ve got plenty to work with!

Here is a little inspiration: 10 Super Cool Upcycle Projects for the Summer:
**Note: Please click on the title of the upcycle project to get directions on ‘how to’

1. Chair Planters 

chair planter


2. Garden Hose Wreath


3. Solar Powered Chandalier 


4. Window Pane Flower Beds



5. Bird Feeder Dishes

birdfeeder collage


6. Mason Jar Lights


7. Rustic Drink Stands


8. Torch Bottles


9. Bird Feeder Lamps 


10. Old Tire See Saws


Have any more upcycle projects to add?! We would love to hear what you’ve been up to preparing for your summer season! Sharing is caring – in the comments below.



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